Leo Radvinsky is an economist by training and entrepreneur by trade. Founder and strategic investor of multiple online giants. Elixir evangelist. Open source advocate. Currently leading the federated social-networking movement at


Leo Radvinsky is an accomplished venture capital investor, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur who holds a special interest in emerging social media platforms. Leo has spent the last two decades building successful companies in the fields of social communities, digital advertising, web hosting, and software development.

Since 2018, Leo has invested over $3M in pioneering the future of social media through open-source platform that’s nestled within the Fediverse, federated social networks running on free, open software. Leo has been hands-on with the evolution of Pleroma and believes in the power of open source software to help individual content creators maintain ownership and control over their content while ensuring their privacy and data security.

Outside of the tech arena, Leo regularly contributes funds supporting the work of: The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Digestive Diseases Center at the University of Chicago Medicine, The EB Research Partnership, and the West Suburban Humane Society.

A first-generation immigrant from Ukraine, technology was imprinted on Leo at an early age while gaming with BASIC on his grandfather's i386 PC. Leo went on to study economics at Northwestern University, where high marks led him to become class valedictorian. In his downtime, Leo is an avid reader, always ready for a chess match and is an aspiring helicopter pilot.

Open Source Projects

Leo is active in the development of many projects which encompass open source software for their communities. For more on Leo's professional ventures visit


The Elixr language is built on an Erlang foundation but inspired by Ruby. One of the most important features of Elixir is its fault-tolerance which other languages do not provide. Elixir optimizes for consistent performance, including easy scalability of web projects and applications by leveraging parallelism and concurrency. Today Elixir is used across industries to create and grow businesses. The Elixir community is fueled by passionate developers who contribute to its ecosystem.


From Anywhere Technologies, B4X is a suite of IDEs and programming language that allows for the development of mobile applications. The suite of programs that provide a development platform for the programming language makes it easy for those new to computing or programming...


Leo Radvinsky contributes funds to many organizations publicly and privately. Many of the organizations he donates to support groundbreaking medical research.

Organizations that have received philanthropic donations include:

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Digestive Diseases Center
at the University of Chicago Medicine

The EB Research Partnership

The West Suburban Humane Society



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