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Leo Radvinsky is an accomplished company architect, angel investor, philanthropist, and open source software supporter. He has spent the last two decades building software companies and contributing to the open source movement. Leo aligns himself with talented teams of entrepreneurs and engineers all over the world who are building the next generation of internet applications and services.

Since 2018, Leo has been heavily involved in open source technologies and has invested over $3 million in the field. This includes Anywhere Software’s B4X which through Radvinsky’s investment and advisory was converted from a paid model into a free suite increasing accessibility. The conversion to open source enabled its migration from a small specialized tool to a language more widely available for developers. Radvinsky has also been hailed as an Elixir evangelist. Elixir is a new programming language that Leo believes has the potential to vastly improve the efficiency and reliability of many applications. The open source software movement is one of the most important trends on the internet to Radvinsky.

leonid radnivsky,

A first-generation immigrant from Ukraine, technology was imprinted on Leo at an early age while gaming with BASIC on his grandfather's i386 PC. Leo went on to study economics at Northwestern University, where high marks led him to become class valedictorian. In his downtime, Leo is an avid reader who’s always ready for a chess match and is an aspiring helicopter pilot. He currently resides in sunny Florida.

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