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Innovations Built Using Leo Radvinsky’s Open-Source Project, B4X

B4X is a collection of development tools that are designed for creating innovative software in practically every environment. It is a suite of IDEs, including Basic4PPC, B4A, B4J, B4i, and B4R. Each of these IDEs enables users to create projects on a different platform, including not just Android, Apple, and desktop but also Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and ESP8266 boards for hardware hacking. It is packaged with a set of resources that are all available in one place.

B4X was created and released as a closed-source programming tool available only through licensing. However, with Leonid Radvinsky’s input and investment, it was later converted into an open-source tool. This has enabled its migration from a small specialized tool to a tool more widely available for developers with a large variety of resources.

B4X has a structure that is similar to the old Visual Basic programming language, which makes it easy to understand and adapt for new users. For this reason, it is an excellent learning tool that has been adopted by many educators who want to increase interest in programming.

B4X has allowed many developers to build creative and innovative solutions all over the world, and it is quite simple for people with a wide range of skill levels to create interesting and effective solutions to various problems and challenges.

Leo Radvinsky’s Vision and Investment in B4X

Leo Radvinsky is a technology visionary, investor, and philanthropist who is the founder of, an investment firm that supports various technology companies. It was Radvinsky’s investment that helped take B4X from its modest roots to being a widely used language.

While B4X was originally released as a licensed language, Leo Radvinsky’s investments made it possible for it to be converted into a free and open-source platform, which made it possible for a much wider range of people to be able to access these tools, regardless of their resources. As a result, not just for expense reasons but due to the wide availability of open repositories as well, this expanded the possible target audience and led the community to grow globally.

For Leonid Radvinsky, his vision for open source enabled experts, such as Erel Uziel (who created the language), to expand their thinking and work with larger and more open platforms.

Educational aspects of the tool mean that many creative things are being built with it. Much of the work being done on B4X has been to increase the appeal to teachers and other educators. Now that software is part of our daily lives and everyone, including those at the most basic level of employment, must interact with it in some way, it makes sense for people of all ages to be exposed to some sort of code at some point in their lives. Of course, not everyone will eventually become a developer. However, the logical reasoning and structural thinking of working with languages like B4X will help people in many fields find creative and solid solutions to all sorts of problems.

Products Being Made Through B4X

Many exciting and interesting projects are being developed using B4X, ranging from scientific applications to games and educational tools. B4X has been extremely helpful in creating courses and platforms for students to understand how coding works. B4X has been designed to create interactive fields, which are not only useful for creating exercises and for people to learn how to make snippets of code work, but they can also be used for creating tests and completing homework assignments.

  • B4XTurtle

One of the more interesting educational libraries is B4XTurtle, which enables students and others to practice learning different commands and algorithms to create graphic designs. Working within the B4X IDE, it’s possible to get an immediate response from simple commands; code is interpreted on the spot, unlike many compiled languages.

Many other applications have been developed using this tool. These include but are not limited to:

  • ERP systems

  • Restaurant POS applications

  • CRMs

  • Website development tools

  • Job-finding tools

  • Ordering applications

Beyond a purely educational focus, B4X has been used for several different purposes. Here is a brief sampling of some of the more interesting projects that people are working on:

  • NASA Fiber Optic Sensing Monitoring

One interesting project that is currently being developed using B4X is software that enables Android tablets to monitor more than 1,600 temperature and strain parameters in real time. B4X made it possible for a programmer to develop this with a minimal amount of expense while keeping the learning curve low for engineers who were already familiar with similar languages. The developer found the platform extremely flexible and powerful due to B4X’s feature-rich toolbox.

  • Mind Games

Developed using cognitive psychology principles, this is a collection of games that are designed to help boost mental skills. The application has become extremely popular and is highly ranked on the Amazon market.

  • Experimental Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

This is a simple-to-use air purifying device that enables air to be pushed into masks in non-invasive ways. It works by using a professional dust mask connected to an exhaust valve, and it filters any air that is pushed into the mask. It can follow the user’s breathing rhythm to assist with the breathing process when the user inhales through FFP2 or FFP3 cartridges. It stops when a user exhales and automatically adapts to the way that a user normally breathes.

The power and ease of access of open source technology make B4X available to many developers of varying skill levels. It is being used to create many new and innovative projects. Because of Leo Radvinsky’s early investment in B4X, it has become quite popular. Its ease of use and similarity to well-loved languages like Visual Basic make it invaluable to everyone from engineers to educators and idealists to innovators.

While new programming languages pop up in many places, B4X, because of its simplicity, approachability, and flexibility, is likely to succeed in a crowded environment. By using B4X, many people can learn the joys of developing their own code in environments ranging from mobile devices to desktops and even for hardware hacking tools like Raspberry Pi and Arduino. While it has been around for about 10 years, it is still relatively young in its growth cycle. B4X is worth continuing to watch, as its power and capability make it extremely appealing.


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